Finding Your Mission

Why does a law firm or any business need to have a mission? 

Every day as business leaders, we have to make a hundred decisions. For law firms, it's what cases do we take? What cases do we turn down? Who do we hire? How do we present ourselves to the world and to our customers? 

If you don't have a clear vision for where you're going and why you exist, one day you're going to take little cases, the next day you're going to take family law, the next day you're going to take criminal law, and then you don't really get good at anything. You get all stressed out. You don't know who to hire or what kind of person you want to have.

If you really have a good vision, not only are you hyper-focused and hyper-clear on where you want to go, but you can bring your whole team in. Your whole team can be committed to that one vision, and that is so important because as our organizations grow, we don't have the bandwidth to make every single decision. But when we're all committed to the same vision, the same mission, then other people in our organization make good decisions because we're all pulling the same way.

And your mission has to really be something that's true to you and your organization. At my firm, we actually spent two days, just our leadership team, offsite out of the office, just working on how are we different than other law firms? What is it that we want to do and how do we want to change this world? And then what are our core values? What is it that's true about us that makes us different than other firms?

For us, we exist throughout a special forces level, we're representation to people who are hurt, and that really directs a lot of what we want to do. Like a strike team, we want to go in there, hit the ground running on a case, push it fast, pushed it hard, get the top possible result in the shortest amount of time possible. And then we want to limit it to people who are hurt. 

We don't do commercial litigation, we don't do divorces, we don't do criminal defense. We do what we do and we're going to try to do it really well. The only way you can do that, especially if you want your team to buy in, is to spend the time to get you and your team to meet away from all the deadlines and pressures of the office so you can really focus on what is it we want to do and why are we doing it?

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