Embracing Abundance

In the legal field, where competition can be fierce and guarded secrets are the norm, I break away from the pack with his abundance mentality. 

I'm not only sharing my insights and knowledge generously but I also reject the fear-based, scarcity-driven mindset that keeps others from doing the same. 

In my view, there's more than enough to go around, and collaboration benefits everyone.

Defying the Fear-Based Mentality:
Michael has often been questioned about his willingness to give away valuable knowledge and secrets. Some argue that he's potentially giving away his business or creating competitors. However, Michael firmly rejects this fear-based perspective. He believes that living in a state of fear and scarcity not only limits growth but also overlooks the abundance that the universe can provide.

Abundance Beyond Imagination:
Trucking accidents, unfortunately, result in hundreds of thousands of injuries and thousands of deaths each year. Even if Michael were to take on all these cases, he recognizes that the sheer volume is beyond what one attorney or one firm can manage effectively. Instead of monopolizing cases, he encourages more lawyers to be well-prepared and well-equipped to represent those in need.

Shared Success:
Michael's abundance mentality is rooted in a simple belief—the more he shares, the more he receives. It's not just a philosophy but a cornerstone of his success. Those who join his firm might initially question his willingness to pay generous referral fees and share trade secrets. However, over time, they come to realize that this openness is the key to their collective prosperity.

Collaboration Over Competition:
In a legal landscape often marked by cutthroat competition, Michael champions collaboration. He believes in the power of sharing knowledge, resources, and opportunities, as it not only enriches the entire legal community but also ensures that clients receive the best representation possible.

The Secret to Receiving More:
Michael's approach challenges the conventional wisdom that hoarding knowledge and clients is the path to success. He demonstrates that the abundance mentality is a winning strategy. The more you give, the more you receive. By supporting fellow lawyers and helping them grow, he has carved out a niche for himself as a mentor and a trailblazer.

In conclusion, my abundance mentality is a refreshing departure from the fear-based, scarcity-driven mindset that often plagues the legal world. 

It's a reminder that success can be shared, and the more you give, the more you ultimately receive. 

The universe is abundant, and there's plenty for all who are willing to embrace this outlook.


I want to talk to you a little bit about having an abundance mentality. I know a lot of people, they ask me, "Michael, why do you give away so much your stuff? You're giving away your secrets. Other people, they're not going to need you. They're just going to learn how to do cases on their own, and then you're not going to have any business left."

I really reject that fear-based, scarcity-based mentality because the fact is there is plenty out there for all of us. The universe will provide. There are unfortunately hundreds of thousands of people hurt in trucking crashes every year. There are thousands of people killed. Even if I could get all those cases, I wouldn't have the ability to do them all myself, much less do them well. But I want those people to be well represented, so I want other lawyers to do well. There's plenty out there for both of us, so I find the more I share, the more I get.

So that abundance mentality, I think, has been a key to my success. People don't understand it when they first get to the firm. They're like, "Well, how can you pay so much in referral fees? How can you give away all your secrets?" But once they've been here for a year or two, they understand that is actually our secret to how we receive so much, because the more we share, the more we get.

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